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a.k.a. Skitz-o-frantic

a.k.a. Chalk Line

Survival does something to a man. It makes him stronger. It makes him wiser. But, sometimes it can bring a man to the point of breaking. How do you deal with so much pain, rage, and relentless emotion? Music is his release. Across multiple states in the U.S.A. (From his hometown in North Carolina, to Michigan, From Michigan to California and everywhere in between); he has Repped the Crow for years! Now he brings his music to you. Through good times and bad, from the streets to the swamps and mountains; he shares his stories, thoughts, and raw emotion. Don't get lost in the madness... the voices are real!

News and Updates

We are happy to let everyone know that The Dark Lyricist has begun writing a recording a brand new SOLO LP! Check back regularly for updates! 


Check out the Dark Lyricist's new music video for the song "SIDES" on YouTube!


New music is in the works! Brand new music is coming from Netherworld Records, Skitzofrantic 01, E-Crazy, and more!!!!!!


 Rumor has it Netherworld Records will be adding a new group to its roster! We will let you know as the story develops!


Skitzofrantic 01 was interviewed by Crow Central! Make sure to check it out!


Phase 1 of our online store redesign is complete! The Netherworld Records Bazaar is up and running! We have more to offer than ever before to everyone who REPS THE CROW!!!


Please make sure to check our audio section to hear a few sneak previews of up and coming music from our artists! You can also enjoy a selection of music by The Dark Lyricist, S.E.P., Skitzofrantic 01, and E-Crazy anytime!!!!

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