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Welcome To The Netherworld

by The Dark Lyricist

Released 2008
Netherworld Records
Released 2008
Netherworld Records
The Dark Lyricist presents Netherworld Records classic release featuring The Dark Lyricist and S.E.P.! Aggressive, lyrical, and creative, this cd is well rounded, original, and has something for all hip-hop tastes! Dig in!
The Dark Lyricist teams up with S.E.P. to create a musical force truly dark and devastating!!! This album is a must have for those who support the Underground!!!!! Featuring 20 tracks of some of the most original and spectacular horror rap, hip-hop, acid rap, and hardcore lyrical music around, this cd is soon to become a classic. Moody, brooding, dark, edgy, and experimental; this album is truly something different and unique in a genre diluted by a plethora of artists that all sound the same.

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