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Rise of the Crow (Netherworld Records Presents)

by The Dark Lyricist & S.E.P.

Released 2012
Netherworld Records
Released 2012
Netherworld Records
Dark and elegant, angry, and at times even scary, this release contains a bit of everything lyrically, and is accompanied by hard hitting hip-hop meshed with synthetic and ethnic acoustic melodies and rhythms that are sure to stick with you afterward!
The Dark Lyricist and S.E.P. return from the Netherworld and the Meditation Chamber with RISE of the CROW, taking you even further down the rabbit hole of the Netherworld Records mythos. There is thematic usage put to good work, songs ranging about stragne phoenomena, politics, Death, ghost stories, angry anthems, and classic hip-hop. Discover for yourself the realm of Netherworld Records and enjoy the ride. We are of talons and black feathers.

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The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: REDUX is currently in the final stages of post-production! The final songs are being recorded, mixed, and mastered! Once everything is all set we are sending it in to get pressed up! After that we will have an official release date!


We have a ton of new music out now to pick up! The Dark Lyricist's new songs: "Harry Houdini", "The Pain Remix", "Artificial Intelligence", "W.A.M.F.W.", "By the Window ft. S.E.P." are all available to buy NOW!


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Check out the Dark Lyricist's new music video for the song "SIDES" on YouTube!


The Dark Lyricist has been busy! More new music will be coming out this year plus a few things no one is expecting!


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