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The Juggalo March on Washington

Over the weekend fans of Insane Clown Posse; a.k.a. "juggalos" marched on Washington, DC. They marched to protest being labeled a gang by the F.B.I.

Juggalos marched to protest some severe government overreach. Labeling fans of a band "gang members" is a big problem and creates serious problems and legal precedence issues, to say the very least.

We have seen massive ramping up of the Police State in the United States. This is another example of that corruption. It is causing big problems for people too. People are losing jobs and being denied employment, they are being profiled and harassed by law enforcement, they are even being handed stiffer penalties and sentences for infractions against the law (being sentenced as gang members) where "normal" citizens get more lenient penalties. The list is huge.

Law enforcement and Federal, State, and Local government agencies can be granted larger budgets if they can show there is gang activity (implying more crime) in their areas. (

By labeling Juggalos a gang, the F.B.I. and Federal Government singled out 8 million plus people who have purchased an Insane Clown Posse album. There are all types of people in the Juggalo community, good and bad. United States citizens should be pissed. It is an abomination of our so-called freedom we hold dear as Americans. Every band in the U.S. should be upset and vigilant.

If I know one thing, it won't stop here. One has to ask the question: What fans of what band, author, artist, whatever- will be singled out next? Once these out of control agencies keep getting funding for their budgets, they try to get more. 

The media just makes the problem worse by twisting the issue and trying to co-opt it with unrelated political issues. Juggalos and others should not be fooled. 

We shall see how everything turns out. I have a lot of respect for the Insane Clown Posse for utilizing their First Amendment rights and protesting in a peaceful manner with their fans that could make the trip. For underground and independent hip-hop this IS history in the making. Perhaps more people will come together and protest the injustices they face and take a page from Juggalos- do it peacefully and do it loudly. 

Will this issue be resolved overnight? No. But we can't forget about it. When we stop paying attention to the corruption that takes place we allow it room to happen, we allow it to slip by unnoticed by the general public. 

I grew up in Michigan. I have a lot of respect and admiration for ICP. Keep up the good fight fellas, we are with you.


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