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The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: REDUX TRACK LISTING!

We just got in the official tracklisting for "The Dark Lyricist presesnts... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux"!!!! YES!!!!!!


The Dark Lyricist presents… Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux

  1. From the Depths of the Under- Professah Aftahlyfe
  2. Pale Moonlight: The Professah Aftahlyfe Remix - The Dark Lyricist
  3. Unkillable ft. S.E.P. (Remastered) – The Dark Lyricist
  4. Before Doomsday Comes- Tengu
  5. The Spirits (Remastered) – The Dark Lyricist
  6. Harry Houdini - The Dark Lyricist
  7. Artificial Intelligence - The Dark Lyricist as The Dead Poet
  8. Sides (Remastered) – The Dark Lyricist as The Dead Poet
  9. Bring the Thunder (Remastered) – The Dark Lyricist as The Dead Poet
  10. How They Think - Tengu
  11. By The Window ft. S.E.P. – The Dark Lyricist
  12. The Pain Remix – The Dark Lyricist
  13. Pale Moonlight (Remastered) – The Dark Lyricist
  14. The One (From the Vault Battle Mix) – The Dark Lyricist
  15. The Bite ft. S.E.P. – The Dark Lyricist
  16. Snakeskin and Feathers ft. The Dark Lyricist (Remastered)- S.E.P.
  17. Somebody (Remastered) - Dalyrius
  18. WAMFW – The Dark Lyricist as Dalyrius
  19. How They Think (Acoustic Version) - Tengu
  20. The Outcrowduction – Professah Aftahlyfe



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