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Ten Years

This year is the 10 year anniversary of "The Dark Lyricist presents... Welcome to the Netherworld"! This is a really big deal to us as this was our first professional release.

A lot goes in to making a record. Time, money, effort, sacrifice, sweat, stress, love, excitement and so much more. An artist and a label want the music to be the best it can be. Ten years ago we barely had a clue when it came to the music business. Everything we were told or taught was completely wrong. We learned the hard way every time. We recorded a lot of music. A lot of it didn't make the cut. We even suffered a huge setback back then when we lost albums worth of material due to a faulty hard drive. A full two years near three of music was lost. We worked really hard to keep things moving in a good direction.

Ten years ago we moved forward with something really special despite any of the many obstacles that stood in our way. That what you do when you are a fledgling independent label. That is what you do when you experience hardship. You persevere. That is exactly what we have done.

No matter what was thrown at us, no matter what happened good or bad, we kept moving forward. That is what we continue to do. To us, the people who are fans of our artists music mean everything. We appreciate all of you so much. Netherworld Records is a labor of love. The future looks good and we are poised to have a great next ten years.


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We are happy to let everyone know that The Dark Lyricist has begun writing a recording a brand new SOLO LP! Check back regularly for updates! 


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