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If I have come to know one thing in this life, it is perseverance is the key. I started Netherworld Records over 10 years ago. Yeah, ten years. A decade. In an industry that is overcrowded, dangerously competitive, shady, built for most to fail, and literally toxic to one's health... we carved out a little home for ourselves in the underground. I for one, am super grateful for everyone who enjoys our music, buys our merch, comes to live performances, and generally supports us. We have a studio and pretty much an entire business to rebuild after recent tragedy. It will be rebuilt stronger than ever. I used to move around a lot when I was a kid, right into adulthood. Life has taken me some pretty amazing places. I've developed an acceptance of starting over, and this time is no different. There will be a lot of exciting changes happening this year. I hope you all will stand with us as you always have. Many people in my life have told me that "I can't", "It's not possible", "That is a waste of your time", "you will never..." etc. Every time one of you nods your head, jams one of our songs, shows someone one of our cd's, or wears one of our shirts; those people are proven wrong. The next ten years to me, are the brightest I have ever seen. No amount of suffering, pain, or hardship will stop us. There is a reason our logo is a crow on a shield. We will endure the onslaught of everything life's army can throw at us and will not yield. We are Netherworld Records. Our symbol is the crow. The best is yet to come.

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