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R.I.P. My Friend

Today and for this whole week I have been in mourning, and I will be for quite some time. On 8-29-17 I woke up and saw a message from a good friend that one of our homies had passed away the day before. I don't remember much of the rest of the day other than being in a kind of numb shock, like my heart sunk to the ground and became 100 pounds heavier. I was hit with a sledgehammer in the most unexpected way. One of my friends that I held in the highest regard was gone forever.

A long time ago a small group of friends would gather together and write and record songs at our homies house. Jason Rybicki; a.k.a. "DJ Bastard" a.k.a. "Psycho B' as he was known back then, would gather his friends together, fire up his turntables and gear and whip up an otherworldly instrumental. We would sit for hours and hours writing our best verses as the instrumental would wail on, the whole while Jason would rock out on the 1's and 2's (turntables). Once we had what we thought was our best verses yet we would record them over and over until we got a take that we liked. Never once did he complain we took forever, or that he had to get up for work. We were wild, angry, full of emotion, suffering, and Jason gave us a way to unleash it with music.

When I had nowhere to go at one time, and was for all intents and purposes homeless, Jason gave me a home. That small group of friends became like a family. It was at Jason's house that I first saw the at one-time dream of Netherworld Records form in my mind. It was at Jason's house where my first "rap name" came to be. It was at Jason's house where a bunch of misfit, wild, crazy teens dreamed of the rest of their lives and how they would be. At J's was the first time some of us ever felt anything like "hope" or "belonging". The Sick will always owe you a great debt my friend. I will always owe you a great debt. You weren't the type to really accept praise or props, or any accolade. Making someone laugh or smile, and making their day better was always your reward. Thank you for the endless days and nights of skateboarding, snowboarding, pranks, recording, songwriting, laughing, beat-making, and being one of the best friends any of us could have. Thank you for being a part of my life. I love you man.

From time to time I will have a Faygo for you and jam one of our old songs. I will remember you always, and you will be in my prayers.

Your friend,

Travis "The Dark Lyricist"




R.I.P. Jason Rybicki.


"DJ Bastard"

"Psycho B"



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