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It is not to often when a musical artist really makes history. So today we want to yell from the rooftops and give a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to the one and only S.E.P.!!!! She made history when she hit the scene as THE FIRST FEMALE ASIAN HORRORCORE RAPPER IN THE WORLD. Her songs are absolutely bad-ass and she is a very awesome and talented person. She works very hard behind the scenes and we are super stoked when she graces the microphone with her haunting and aggressive sound! So go to her social media and give her a shout out and leave a comment here and show some luv!


You can find her music on the following Netherworld Records releases:


The Dark Lyricist “Table Scraps” 10/31/2006

The Dark Lyricist “The Freestyle Tapes 2002-2007” 10/31/2007


The Dark Lyricist “The Pain ft. S.E.P.” (Single) February 2008

S.E.P. “Into the Night ft. The Dark Lyricist” (Single) February 2008

The Dead Poets “Vanquish” (Single) March 2008

S.E.P. “Ain’t No Bitch” (Single) April 2008

The Dark Lyricist “Sorrow ft. S.E.P.” (Single) June 2008

“The Dark Lyricist presents… Welcome to the Netherworld” 7/29/2008

The Dark Lyricist “Magic ft. S.E.P., Tha Host, and Nemosys” (Single) 10/31/2009

S.E.P. “Scheme ft. Tha Host” (Single) 10/31/2009

The Dark Lyricist and S.E.P. “Rise Up” (Single) 1/19/2011

S.E.P. “The Reaper ft. The Dark Lyricist” (Single) 10/31/2011

The Dark Lyricist and S.E.P. “RISE of the CROW” 3/27/2012

S.E.P. "Yakai" (Single) 10/31/2014

The Dark Lyricist and S.E.P. “Rise Up: The Remix” (Single) 3/24/2015

“Netherworld Records presents… Straight Out the Sarcophagus” 10/31/2015

“MINDSCAPE” 12/31/2015

The Dark Lyricist- Sides (Music Video) 7/10/2016

The Dark Lyricist- “By the Window ft. S.E.P.” (Single) 12/19/2017

“The Dark Lyricist presents… Straight Out the Sarcophagus: REDUX” (TBA 2019)

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Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux Digital Pre-order out 4-20-19!

The official release date for "The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux" is 5-3-2019!

Check out the Dark Lyricist's new music video for the song "SIDES" on YouTube!


Debut Professah Aftahlyfe release TBA!!!

 New Dark Lyricist project "Sides: The Collector's Edition" is in the works!!!

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