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It has been a crazy year

Wow... it has been a really crazy year at Netherworld Records. In just a few days I'm about to release a single called "By The Window". It features S.E.P. on the hook and the song is beyond killer. I have always enjoyed a good ghost story and I really feel I knocked it out in a super original and unique way. The digital version drops December 19th, and a special collector's edition with bonus content is soon to follow on physical cd.


We have been gearing up for something huge. When you are going big sometimes a lot of things change. Netherworld was started from humble and meager beginnings. I dug deep and stuck with it for a very long time. No matter what came; good news or bad, no matter who joined the team or left, I carry the mantle of the Crow. We are approaching a very big anniversary and we plan to go BIG. There is going to be more releases next year than ever before in Netherworld Records or Dark Lyricist history. Strap yourselves in for a wild ride! It all starts with "By the Window" coming out 12-19-17!

- The Dark Lyricist

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Things are changing fast around here! There is a lot of great things in the works!


We are happy to let everyone know that The Dark Lyricist has begun writing a recording a brand new SOLO LP! Check back regularly for updates! 


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 New single by The Dark Lyricist- "By the Window" featuring S.E.P. is out NOW!



New music is in the works! Brand new music is coming from Netherworld Records, The Dark Lyricist, and more!!!!!!



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