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In a turn of news that surprised us, we got word from the office today that there are quite a few of upcoming TBA releases in the works to be released by Netherworld Records. Let's break it down...

- The Dark Lyricist has mad projects coming out starting with the new single "By the Window" featuring S.E.P.! He announced in an earlier interview that after "By the Window" other tracks would be released including a song called "The Bite" and one called "The Witch"! We are really interested to know if these songs are all part of one future album, or are they parts of different albums. Speculation has begun to say the least! He has kept his projects extremely secret and "close to the chest" not letting really anyone know what he is planning. The other projects, we have heard, are to be announced one by one each before they come out. We do know this- the next project to come out is going to be announced here first!

- S.E.P. is featured on the "By the Window" single by The Dark Lyricist! We have gotten word something is brewing on that front for a very special TBA project. Is it another team-up album like "Rise of the Crow"? Or a solo? Make sure to check back with us as the story develops.


- Something that NO ONE expected is about to go down. As of right now all we can say is a NEW ARTIST is about to arrive from the Netherworld- and we will have the EXCLUSIVE first look at who this mysterious figure is. 

In other news... 

- We are taking requests! If you are an artist looking for some extra exposure, looking to be interviewed, or even just want to share a flyer or upcoming event contact us! We will put the info up on Crow Central for all to see!


- Big things are changing with Netherworld Records constantly! New items will be coming to the NWR Bazaar, a new website update is on the way, and even more content!


- EVERYONE HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING-TURKEY DAY! Enjoy time with family and friends and have a great day!

News and Updates

 New Crow Central articles have gone live! Go check 'em out!


The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: REDUX is currently in the final stages of post-production! The final songs are being recorded, mixed, and mastered! Once everything is all set we are sending it in to get pressed up! After that we will have an official release date!


We have a ton of new music out now to pick up! The Dark Lyricist's new songs: "Harry Houdini", "The Pain Remix", "Artificial Intelligence", "W.A.M.F.W.", "By the Window ft. S.E.P." are all available to buy NOW!


 YOU CAN GET A FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF "The Dark Lyricist presents... WELCOME TO THE NETHERWORLD"!!! Go to Crow Central to find out how!


Check out the Dark Lyricist's new music video for the song "SIDES" on YouTube!


The Dark Lyricist has been busy! More new music will be coming out this year plus a few things no one is expecting!


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