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"Happy Death Day 2" Review

We had the chance to watch 'Happy Death Day 2" over the weekend. If you have not seen it, or if you have not seen the first one, SPOILERS and such.

Happy Death Day 2U (Hollywood Movie) - Wikilistia

With the polite obligatory warning behind us, lets get into it. If you have seen the first one you know the main character keeps repeating a time loop over and over only to be killed again and again by a deranged killer in a mask that unnervingly resembles a toon-like  baby. This one opens with a different character from the first flick repeating a time loop only to have the same fate happen, with hilarious and ridiculous results. The character from the first film finds out and goes about trying to help solve the problem only to be thrust into the time loop again to her utter dismay. What follows it near 'Deadpool' like humor mixed with gore and some pretty heartfelt moments. Also, the time machine is really cool.

The actors did an all around fine job, and the cinematography was good. They caught the same moments pretty well.

If you go into it expecting a horror movie like the previous movie you will be horribly mistaken. While some horror elements are present, this movie is much more science fiction-dark comedy. It was a pleasant surprise for us, but some horror-movie sticklers may frown a bit. Don't be such sourpusses y'all. This movie is not that bad. Mix some 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' 'Sorority Row', 'Scream', 'Hot Tub Time Machine', 'Triangle', 'Butterfly Effect', and 'Project Almanac' and you basically have this flick minus aliens and monsters, and the 80's.

The weird thing about this movie is that the main character is far from likeable. She is a piece of work. The great thing about this is showing her change for the better. In the beginning of the films you will almost root for her to die. Her character development is a nice side plot that keeps you more engaged, and we feel if it was not there the movie would have not been as good.

Alternate dimensions, parallel universes, time loops, and 'wtf' moments. Damn time travel is super popular right now... did we miss something? We though Deja Vu was a glitch in the Matrix...

Also, does anyone keep an eye of what college kids are messing with these days? What happened to regular parties? Mad science experiments man, they just mess stuff up.

It is a good movie to watch if you have never seen it and should get some laughs. We give it a 7.5 out of 10 Crows. Solid movie.

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