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STOP the Censorship

We have noticed an uptick in the censorship and shadow banning of various public figures, musical artists, and others across various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and more in recent months. This has caused us great concern. Freedom of Speech is an absolute right. Companies that censor, shadow ban, and the like because of someone else's speech are a threat to artists, musicians, public figures, media personalities, journalists, and literally everyone. Some of these companies literally control the way many creative professionals, entertainers, journalists, and more make a living. Many of these companies appear to have a far-leftist worldview, and thought and opinions of those who do not share their perceptions and political beliefs are often targeted. This is an extremely bad trend and will ultimately, in our opinion lead to disaster. Freedom of Speech, just like our other rights should be guarded and fought for against those who wish to destroy it. It does not matter if we do not like what someone says. They have the right to say it. We can disagree all day- it does not matter. You have the right to say what you want. These companies will often attempt to be highly "politically correct" and often cite "hate speech" and other popular leftist terminology as their reasoning behind their actions. No due process. Just some biased employee deciding who or what will get prominent positioning, advertising, marketing, placement, etc. These companies even have algorithms that limit the reach of individuals and businesses so they cannot easily grow. This trend disturbs us greatly. Due to the current nature of business, having a presence on these platforms is an unfortunate necessity. We have already taken steps to ensure that the majority of our content will be on our site. We feel we have been effected by this censorship and have had our growth stifled. Our Freedom of Speech, EVERYONE's Freedom of Speech is critical in more ways than most can fathom. Imagine how you would feel if some computer program and a few government employees controlled your ability to make a living, and if they didn't like the content you were creating/work you were doing they would censor and penalize you from making that living. Essentially controlling how much food you could put on your family table. Imagine going from 40 hours a week to less than 5. We urge everyone to speak out against this, and even contact the companies that partake in these unethical and violating practices to respect our First Amendment Rights and Freedom of Speech, and stop these practices immediately.


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