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"Avengers: Endgame" Review

Most folks know I am a horror movie fan. I also enjoy films about comic book characters I grew up with. That being said, like most of the North American continent I went to see "Avengers: Endgame" recently.

This movie has been anticipated for quite some time now by fans of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe", so much so people were being physically attacked for spoiling the movie. Word of advice, that is not o.k. and could get you seriously hurt, which nobody wants. So for the second time- SPOILER ALERT.

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The opening minutes of "Endgame" is a chaotic collage of the devastation caused by Thanos, followed by some very jarring vengeance. Thor loses his shit. It gives us a glimpse of Hawkeye's motivations throughout the movie. Jeremy Renner really kicks ass in his performance. I would be down for a Hawkeye film no question.

The movie takes place years after "Infinity War", with the defeated heroes trying to cope with their losses, and in a larger sense the entire Universe in mourning and doing the same.

As pretty much predicted by everyone I know who follows these movies there is a way the heroes can set everything right. Dr. Strange literally is one of the most important unseen characters in the whole movie. There is a whole "get everyone back together" montage spearheaded by Captain America and Ant-man among others. A lot of surprises and funny moments happen throughout this time in the flick. I laughed a lot.

There is a lot of call backs to "Captain America: Civil War" and a lot of the other films. When you see it and how well they pulled it off you will definitely dig it.

There are some major plot holes as well as some very weird moments in the film that took me out of the whole experience. In the big fight scene there is a moment when all of the female characters come together in what I'm guessing is some kind of third wave feminist social justice warrior moment. It was weird and felt out of place, like it was pandering to get far left Twitter mobs off their back. The scene was heralded by an actress who caused a lot of controversy by injecting her very far left political bias in the promotion of the other Marvel movie she is in. If it was done more naturally without jarring me out the emotional impact of the battle it would have been way better. Companies should really not pander to the social media "outrage culture". To me the most impactful female character in the film gives her life to literally even give them a fighting chance. Talk about some true feminist heroics. That scene was really powerful.

The opening of the final battle scene was very touching to me. You see the heroes about to lose terribly but, at an extreme and great cost the tables turn. It hits home that real heroes are more than some power they have. It is more than the person. It is the length human beings will go to protect the ones they love. No matter the personal cost. I wish more Americans were like that when it came to their rights... that is for another blog. Just remember "on your left"...

I thought the ending of the movie was touching and well done. There was a strange character I have never seen in any Marvel movie at the wake for a character. Seems like that may be important later.

Oh yeah, what the hell was all that hubub about "Infinity War Part 2"? Was "Endgame" it? So many questions.. was was the hammering at the end? I waited for a post-credit scene but nada. Just weird credits. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, and the whole cast were top-notch.

Really cool they put Stan and the creator of Thanos in the film.

Overall, the movie was very enjoyable, and was worth seeing in theater. I give it a solid 9.5 out of 10. Till next time y'all.

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