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I am very excited about this release! We put out a "sneak peek" of the single actually quite awhile back, and even gave the rough draft out as a freebie; and it got a lot of positive feedback. I have a lot of fun performing this track as it has a lot of wordplay and is fairly quick paced. I see a lot of news about "A.I." and it eventually spurred me to make a track about it. We have all seen "Terminator", but a lot of people don't even understand that a lot of companies use some form of AI or another. Google, Amazon, Facebook, all of these companies have been in the news lately involved in some AI scandal or another. Public figures and scientific minds like the late Stephen Hawking, and notable invent-reprenuers like Elon Musk have warned of the extreme dangers that Artificial Intelligence present humanity. What happens when our tech turns against us as so many sci-fi films have portrayed for decades? We like to think as people we have total control over our lives and how we live them. All and all I hope you enjoy the song and it makes you think about AI and how it might effect your life. I'm already busy at work on something even more experimental. =)

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Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux Digital Pre-order out 4-20-19!

The official release date for "The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux" is 5-3-2019!

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 New Dark Lyricist project "Sides: The Collector's Edition" is in the works!!!

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