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A Trip to See A Lyricist

We met up with The Dark Lyricist to discuss whats been going on at Netherworld Records, and talk about his new album "The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux" which comes out tomorrow.


Crow Central- "Recently you had said you rebuilt your studio, The Meditation Chamber. What did you change or do different.?"


Dark Lyricist- "A lot of things have changed... we do all our recording in one room. We replaced a lot of destroyed equipment. We don't have a lot of space right now. Thank goodness for technology. We can go fully portable now. If I need to I can record on a tablet of even a smartphone, pretty much from anywhere. I still prefer recording the more traditional way."


Crow Central- "Have you put anything out that was made via your phone?"


Dark Lyricist- (laughs) "Actually I have. About 50 % of the instrumental for 'The Pain Remix' was made on my phone. It was too good not to keep. Another track I made for an artist was done completely on my tablet. He thought it was dope. You can't tell where sound comes from unless someone uses Fruityloops (laughs). For whatever reason the sound from those virtual instruments stick out to me like a stubbed toe. I'm not one of those computer producers. Professah Aftahlyfe and I will get sounds from all over. We even make our own foley. We'll live records instruments, use synths, whatever we can get our hands on. For years I didn't have studio equipment or even a real way to record. I used to sneak in or take classes at colleges to borrow their studios. All of my early stuff was recorded like that or via a 4-track."


Crow Central- "Four-track? Like on a cassette?"


Dark Lyricist- "Yeah exactly that. I had an old Tascam model and we'd plug dynamic mics into them and the only drum machine we had which was one of those Zoom's. Before that we'd play the Zoom out of a guitar amp and record us rapping over it with a boombox. Back in the day when we were making music on Paul St. our homie DJ Bastard would record us on his analog gear. I didn't even own a real computer until 2006. When I worked my butt off to get the money up for professional gear is when the sound and everything else changed dramatically."


Crow Central- "Do you ever plan on releasing any of your music from those times?"


Dark Lyricist- "I was not very good in my opinion back then. (Laughs) I am much better at my craft today. I mean, if people want it maybe. That stuff it very dear to me because it reminds me of good things from my past, but it is very personal to. There are people in that music that are no longer with us and some who are no longer a part of my life. I think it is best kept personal. But who knows, maybe I could put together some solo stuff. (laughs" We will see."



Crow Central- "Did you record the new album in the Meditation Chamber?"



Dark Lyricist- "Most of it. Some things were recorded at the earlier incarnation of the Chamber. The one where I lived"


The Dark Lyricist and his wife had lost everything the year before in a fire. You can sense the emotion in his voice. It is clearly a painful memory for him.


Crow Central- "Was it hard to rebuild?"


Dark Lyricist- "I didn't have the money to replace everything that was lost. I underwent some debt to replace the necessities. It is very hard. I think with what we have we are doing well. Trying to make lemonade out of a bushel of lemons. The sound quality is very important. A lot of artists have came through the Chamber over the years. It had to be better than before."


Making music, for The Dark Lyricist is an absolute need. The way he describes it is like a form of therapy. It is both a labour of love as well as an intense passion and calling. Being famous is not.


Crow Central- "Do you think with the improved sound quality you'll turn some heads?"


Dark Lyricist- "If I do that will be great. I appreciate everyone who enjoys my music and art. I hope people really listen. There are a few song which I think are extra top-notch and full of meaning. I do so much of this on my own. I do not have a huge team of people. Mostly I am a one-man army these days. It is better that way. My priority isn't becoming famous. It is creating and publishing my works. I would rather reach one person very deeply than a hundred who would forget what I do in a few days. "


Crow Central- "The new album, 'The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux" comes out in a few days. The instant-grat track when you pre-order on iTunes or Amazon 'How They Think' is amazing. What was the inspiration behind it?"

Dark Lyricist- "People are living in a form of slavery without even knowing it. The people, governments, and corporations in power who utilize various forms of social engineering are scary. How they view regular people is twisted. We are indoctrinated from birth to behave a certain way, believe certain things... I have a line in the song that goes 'work and work that 9 to 5 until there is no more daylight, go home and booze and wine but don't forget that it's game night". So many people spend their entire lives working all day just for a place to sleep. They never get to really live a life. So many are just serfs in this neo-feudalistic landscape. So may can name all their favorite celebrities and organized sports athletes and all the movies and stats they have- but can't name their local mayor or city council, their state legislators and politicians, the people in government who affect their lives on a daily basis. Most can't even tell you their natural rights or the rights they have in America protected by the Bill of Rights. They are so busy surviving and being distracted. I had to speak on it. A lot of those in power do not have the People's best interest in mind. They want more power and more profit. They get it buy stealing it from us by force and deception but telling us it is for our best interest. 'How They Think' is a small glimpse of all that. If you were inside their mind for a split second."


Crow Central- "That is some serious food for thought. Not too many songs touch on things like that. This is also a song that is a TENGU track right?"


Dark Lyricist- "Yes it is. You will be seeing more and more TENGU as time goes on."


Crow Central- "In the past the TENGU character was not there a lot, sort of in the background or a verse here or there, at least it seems that way to us. The focus was more on the Dalyrius character, wasn't it?"



Dark Lyricist- "That is mostly right. There was, especially early on, a greater focus on Dalyrius and the darker more aggressive songs. It came from my frustrations and dark emotions. Music is a like a form of therapy to me. I would direct whatever negative I was experiencing or feeling and trap in in a song. Dalyrius as an alter ego is an escape from reality. It is horror movie in audio. The method to which I release my dark side and trap it in music form. Dalyrius is like an exorcist (laughs).The Dark Lyricist persona and the Dead Poet alter-ego are very similar. The Dark Lyricist part is the storyteller, he tends to enjoy telling entertaining 'ghost stories' masterfully around the campfire... The Dead Poet is akin to the intellectual and sometimes political side of things. Those songs can touch on uncomfortable and controversial subjects. No matter the alter-ego though 99.9% of the time the dark side of things is not the alter-egos. It is the alter ego telling you a story or reporting what it sees through its eyes and mind. There is some fight music in there. (laughs loudly) Strong hip-hop emcee energy. TENGU is another level. It is a lot of 'make you think' lyrics. High concept but still make your head nod. TENGU is like taking the red pill."


Crow Central- "The mythos so to speak of Netherworld Records is pretty extensive. Why do that kind of character and world building for a music label? It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense considering the current landscape of music is nothing like that. What is the thought process behind that?"



Dark Lyricist- "Take a look at all of these music labels and corporate artists. What do they push? Sex, money, drug dealin', and a whole lot of dumb. In the 80's and 90's you see this change in hip-hop that was absolutely orchestrated in my opinion. Hip-hop was very political. It was changing hearts and minds as a form of entertainment and as a lifestyle. Emcee/DJ/Art-Grafitti/Dance-Breakdancing. The pillars. Then it became warped. The government and corporations got heavily involved and twisted it all up. That world of the music industry is like a disease or sickness. It is a abomination. I did not want to be a part of that world. So I created a new one where artists could be themselves. A creative haven and independent platform to put out entertaining and thought provoking music, art, and other works. Netherworld Records. Some artists live in a box. Some a bit outside the box. We launched the box into space and watched it get abducted by aliens. (laughs). I enjoy classic hip-hop, horrorcore, political hip-hop, jazz, EDM, dubstep, all kinds of music. If a dope blues band wanted to put out content on Netherworld the door would be open and I would try to help them out. We celibrate our differences. We are the current manifestation of the essence of something that has been around forever. We are the rebels man."


Crow Central- "Are we going to see more of that 'rebelliousness" with TENGU?"


Dark Lyricist- "Yep. Definitely."


The Dark Lyricist's distaste for the corporate business side of the entertainment industry is palpable. You can hear in his voice the disdain for false authority. He seems to be brimming and bubbling inside his own head.


The Dark Lyricist- "You know man... I could go on forever about certain things. I've always had a lot to say. When I was younger I felt I didn't have a voice or say in my own life. I think that pushed me even more toward being an emcee."


Crow Central- "Word on the street is you are no longer charging for collabs right now. Why is that?"


Dark Lyricist- "Honestly, because I was an up-and-coming artist at one time. Still kind of feel like one. I know first hand what its like not to be able to afford features, and even to be denied features, etc. It sucks. There are artists I would love to do a song with and that song would be POWERFUL... but it doesn't make business sense unless you can get a big return off it. These days most people don't buy music. They usually steal it or let companies do it for them and stream it. So when an artist reaches out to me and has a song ready to go, usually I'll rock a verse or a hook for them. I'm not knocking people who charge for collabs at all. That is their business. I just choose to be different. A lot of times artists appreciate that and it is a great way to network. It is just a way I can help out. Every now and then you do something for free and get a nice tip too when an artist really appreciates it, which is always appreciated (laughs), but I don't expect it."


Crow Central- "That is a good way to build up a scene and keep one alive."


Dark Lyricist- "That is the point. Music is fading underground and musicians are the only ones who can keep the lights on."


Crow Central- "The new album 'The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux" is available tomorrow! How many songs are on the album?"


Dark Lyricist- "There are 20 tracks in total. One is really an intro/interlude so there are 19 songs total."


Crow Central- "That is a high number of songs for an album these days... why so many?"


Dark Lyricist- "A few of the songs are remastered versions from the original Straight Out the Sarcophagus. If you take those out you would have a more standard sized album, I just wanted to add those as a bonus."


Crow Central- " Do you have any songs on the album that are your favorites?"


Dark Lyricist- "I am really partial to the acoustic version of 'How They Think'. I wrote entire extra sections to that song including a different style hook. It will be coming out on a really dope project in the future once I find the right voice for the job. The version on the album really speaks to me though. I am also fond of 'Before Doomsday Comes'. It is about the constant threat we all live under at all times. These days not too many folks may think about it, but the danger is very real. We are all held hostage by the bombs of nations..."

Crow Central- "You have a special going on right now at the Netherworld Records Bazaar- it is 'any purchase gets an exclusive V.I.P. preview of the new album' right? What do you get?


Dark Lyricist- "You get 2 previously unheard brand new songs from the album. The whole songs not just clips. It is our way of just being extra appreciative. The only reason we have been around so long other than sheer will is because of the people who support us. Without them we wouldn't be who we are."


Crow Central- "We ask every-time you are interviewed, what are you listening too right now?"



Dark Lyricist- "'The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux', Tech N9ne's 'N9na', Mayday!'s 'South of 5th', I.C.P.'s 'Fearless Fred Fury', anything Wardruna, M.M.M.F.D., Insane Poetry, Esham, RZA, Twiztid's 'Generation Nightmare', Heilung, a lot of Professah Aftahlyfe instrumentals, and my album with S.E.P. 'Rise of the Crow'... I've been into a lot of Norse folk music and traditional ethnic music from Japan, Mongolia, and China. Also an audiobook by Graham Hancock called 'America Before' which is excellent. It is always an eclectic mix (laughs)"


Crow Central- "Julian Assange... any comment on that?"


Dark Lyricist- "Free Julian Assange. What they are doing to him is beyond messed up and has implications that will reach far and wide. If whistleblowers and the journalists who publish that information have no protection we will be entering an even darker age of State sponsored totalitarianism. Everyone in the so-called 'free world' needs to speak out. So many governments and corporations are up to really, really foul no good things. Without Wikileaks and Assange the general public would have no idea. Read the Vault 7 documents. This stuff is sinister. He needs to be pardoned completely."


Crow Central- "Whats coming next for Netherworld Records and The Dark Lyricist?"


Dark Lyricist- "We have a few projects in production right now. A TBA Professah Aftahlyfe album, A TBA but heavily leaked project from me, a bunch of singles and 3 more TBA projects. All due out before the end of the year. This year we are putting out more music than ever before and I'm very excited about it!"



You can purchase the digital versions of the new album here:








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