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A letter to everyone who reps the Crow....

As some may know, we suffered a major catastrophe in January. There was a really bad fire, and my wife was severely burned. Our pets passed away. We lost the inventories and equipment for The Horror Corner and Netherworld Records, including our studio. It has been difficult. We had to start again. Rebuild. Heal. We are doing just that, one day at a time. Everything has changed.

We are changing it for the better.

This year has been filled with new beginnings. We take each one in stride and with enthusiasm. After each storm is a brighter day. They say when "life gives you lemons make lemonade". We started doing just that. For those of you who read this, I wanted you to know that. I also want to thank you. Thank you for the kind words, thank you for the support. I hope in the months to come you will frequent our little lemonade stands.

Spread the word we are coming back stronger than ever before. Spread the word that we will not be stopped. Spread the word we are not gone. You will be hearing from us soon.


- The Dark Lyricist

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The Dark Lyricist presents... Straight Out the Sarcophagus: REDUX is currently in the final stages of post-production! The final songs are being recorded, mixed, and mastered! Once everything is all set we are sending it in to get pressed up! After that we will have an official release date!


We have a ton of new music out now to pick up! The Dark Lyricist's new songs: "Harry Houdini", "The Pain Remix", "Artificial Intelligence", "W.A.M.F.W.", "By the Window ft. S.E.P." are all available to buy NOW!


 YOU CAN GET A FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF "The Dark Lyricist presents... WELCOME TO THE NETHERWORLD"!!! Go to Crow Central to find out how!


Check out the Dark Lyricist's new music video for the song "SIDES" on YouTube!


The Dark Lyricist has been busy! More new music will be coming out this year plus a few things no one is expecting!


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