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A Chat With A Skitzo!

Crow Central- So, what do you go by? What is your music A.K.A.?

Skitzofrantic 01- Well currently I go by Skitzofrantic 01 or 01. But I've had a few other names in the past which kinda helped to spawn the name I have now.

Crow Central- How did that name come about?

Skitzofrantic 01- Well, like I was saying, I had a few other names as I got started... that helped spawn the name I have now. When I first started rapping back in North Carolina, I didn’t really go by anything. I didn’t gain my first rap name until I moved to Michigan at 18. Shortly after I moved to Mesick, MI; I met The Dark Lyricist, and we started kicking it and spitting flows together. Caropino was the first name I inherited I think, (laughs) 'cause I was from North Carolina and I honestly don’t remember how it came up. It just sort of happened. (laughs) Shortly after, I was getting called the name Wilipino, kinda as a joke I guess at first, and it just stuck from a boxing interpretation I did at the time that cracked us all up (laughs). As I progressed in the talents of music, I began releasing my feelings more and my true style and form began evolving, so I gained the name Chalkline, as I rapped about a lot darker times and things. Life was really crazy at the time. I moved around a lot from place to place. There were a few others names too, which ultimately made me choose Skitzofrantic, as I realized my multiple names were like different personalities, as the music that came out of each one seemed eerily different. Skitzofrantic was ultimately taken, so I added the 01 or zero-one, to show that I am the only 1! (laughs) And so, Skitzofrantic 01 was born in the backyards of Cypress, California where I lived at the time. It stuck ever since.


Crow Central- What really got you into music? How did you get started?

Skitzofrantic 01- Well honestly, I always liked hip-hop growing up. I really liked the way it made me feel. I was always really good at English and grammar in school and fascinated by poetry and short stories. I never thought I would ever do music though. It wasn’t until I was 17, or 18, that I moved to my stepbrother Jason’s house, and on the way outta town one day, ran into a dude walking down the road in need of a ride. So I picked him up and he smelled the bud in my car, (laughs) and me and Mike was dogs since that day. Long story short, the more I hung out with Mike and his brothers Chad and Brad, the more I began to really realize my potential. They would listen to my writing, and show me how to turn it into a song of hip hop or rap. After that, it just went crazy for me. We would get drunk and burn down and start free flowing. I just got really good over time and my real talent began to show itself. From that point on, I knew I had to leave North Carolina to chase this dream. 

Crow Central- What made you link up with Netherworld Records?

Skitzofrantic 01- Long story short, I moved to California shortly after my boy The Dark Lyricist did, in order to help and begin to shape this dream. So in essence, I have always been with Netherworld Records, since day one. I have been a huge part of Netherworld since before it was ever called Netherworld Records. I had some issues in my life that needed worked out, so I kept my distance from the business for a while in order to secure its safety. I know how it sounds, but Netherworld was still in the thought process and I wasn’t responsible at that time, so I promoted and helped sell merch since its debut. Now I am in a great place and ready to move forward.

Crow Central- What to you, makes a good M.C.?

Skitzofrantic 01- Well, to me, a good M.C. has very good versatility in songs and wordplay. A vast vocabulary, along with the ability to twist your words, into a way no one else can, that’s an MC to me.

Crow Central- Who are your top 5 favorite musicians/rappers? 

Skitzofrantic 01- Michael Jackson, Ice Cube, Tech N9ne, Tupac, and Twiztid

Crow Central- Why are they in your top 5?

Skitzofrantic 01- Why... I would have to say my top 5 favorite musicians or rappers would have to be Michael Jackson, number 1. His music was powerful and forced you to battle your inner self. It made you feel every emotion possible and despite his personal life, his music moved the world in a positive way and that in itself brought people together of all ethnic backgrounds. Ice Cube, because of his self motivation to not fail, and he really stood for his people and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Tech N9ne simply because he just kills every track he touches. His wordplay is just amazing and I think every artist out right now is ultimately chasing him and honestly, I respect the hell outta that. Tupac was a similar influence, and what can I say about him that hasn’t already been said... But his ability to reach your soul in his songs and just grab the thug side of you at the same time was just a lot of fun. It was a real roller coaster in his music. And last but not least, Twiztid, as they really reach that crazy, insane level that I feel dwelling deep behind my eyelids. They showed us that we could tell the world what we felt and not give a f**k doing it. And I love the way they cover so many areas that you would think couldn’t be covered in the genre. 


Crow Central- What is your favorite kind of song to do?

Skitzofrantic 01- Honestly, I really like the hard guitars, and rock feel to music. I love the thought of watching people just let loose and go when that kind of song comes on. It's an amazing feeling to watch it transform in front of you. But, I also like any song that uses my platform for a purpose as well, which is to report to the world the way things are. So I guess my favorite kind of song is a powerful one, one with a strong message, yet makes you feel like changing what you don’t like about life.

Crow Central- What was the first concert that you went to that really blew you away?

Skitzofrantic 01- Well... the first concert that really blew me away was a country concert I went to when I was 18, Alabama I believe. These people were so happy and sliding down this huge plastic strip, like a slip and slide down the hill in the lawn seat section! I mean these people were f***ed up and having a blast! They were throwing chairs and all kinds of stuff! I knew right then, I wanted to be up there on that stage. 

Crow Central- What are you listening to at the moment? What’s in your stereo or what are you jamming?

Skitzofrantic 01- Lately I been listening to my own music. Right now I am playing one of my new singles. But if you wanna know other than myself, I would say when I am not jamming my own, I am jamming Rittz, Tech N9ne, or Yelawolf . They all have such strong songs that motivate you to write better and be more thorough in your expansion of ideas and ways to make new music.

Crow Central-Who is your favorite super hero? Super villain? And why are they your favorite?

Skitzofrantic 01- My favorite super hero is and always has been Superman. He is just completely driven by the want for humans to succeed; and is driven by good nature and a good heart. Plus he is completely indestructible which is a plus, and he can fly! My favorite villain would have to be the Joker. I guess his sinister ways really fit my music personality well. Plus I like his creativity (laughs)


Crow Central- What drives you? What motivates you?

Skitzofrantic 01-What drives me the hardest is the fear of failure. I have three kids that look up to me to show them how to beat the odds. Everything I do is ultimately for them. The way they look at me when they are sad just crushes me, and so I plan to make them happy, even if it costs me my soul. I'm constantly motivated to better this world, even if I have to climb into the darkness to pull people out to the light. God drives me... or I would like to think that. I know that I have a purpose here and I am always trying to figure out what my ultimate goal is… always.

Crow Central-What is your favorite song you have released so far professionally?

Skitzofrantic 01- I would have to say that my favorite song I’ve done so far... that is to be released, would have to be "Big Bad Monster Man" from my solo album on the way called "From The Shadows of Nahn". It really allowed me to show you my story in my way. There’s a lot of truth in this track as it speaks of my battle against the fallen angels which roam the Earth and seek to destroy our souls. Fighting a lot of personal demons so to speak. More of that will be covered as my albums are released. But all in all, "Big Bad Monster Man" was just a lot of fun to write and to record, and performing it will be a whole other level of fun. I can’t wait!

Crow Central- What new stuff are you working on? Are you working on new material? Tell us about what is coming everyone’s way…

Skitzofrantic 01- I am currently going to release my solo album, "From The Shadows of Nahn" hopefully this year, which I have been writing for about 15 years now! Let me explain... many of the songs on this album are re-written ideas from years ago, as well as a few newer things I have been working on. I am also working on several other projects which I cannot go into much detail on at this point, but rest assured I am working a lot and around the clock to create something original and new for fans to hear and rock out to! As far as what is coming the fans’ way, we have Crow Central back, as well as a live podcast in the works, called Monday Night Kaw... which I am working tirelessly on to give our fans a view of how we do our thing, and to give them a chance to live interact with me and the rest of Netherword Records. We are building an empire here I feel, and it takes lots of time and dedication. When you love what you do, it’s easy to invest the time. There are a lot of new merch ideas as well for the future! We will have products that no other label has! It is a real treat to be a part of all of this. 


Crow Central-What would you say to the people who say the what you do is a waste of time and money? In other words, why music, instead of say being a doctor or a lawyer?

Skitzofrantic 01- Well, to that I say, I respect your opinions all the same. Music has been proven to have positive effects on the mind and body and has empowered people throughout time, longer than any doctor or lawyer or whatever. The very planets and universe have been believed to give off a universal sound, and so in essence every thing we are is because of sound. So, in other words, to me, there is no more important job, than that of a musician, as we have coached many doctors and lawyers through study courses, and gave them motivation to succeed in their dreams as well. Music is motivation!!! Period! Everyone has a song, so as far as it being a waste of time, remember that at some point, you got down, or happy, or mad, or whatever and some song you heard helped you get through it. Everyone is meant for something different, so I respect everyone’s opinion on what is a waste of time and what is not. I do me.

Crow Central- Thanks man!

Skitzofrantic 01-Thank you!


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