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The definition of Netherworld is as varied as the types of dictionaries the word is found in.  The world of the dead.  The part of society engaged in crime and vice.  Hell.  A place that exists only in imagination.  A place said to exist in fictional and religious writings.  A hidden underworld or ill-defined area.  A sphere of human activity or state of existence regarded as corrupt, unwholesome, undesirable, etc.  These are all true in part, but dig deeper and you will come to realize that it is only one side of the coin.  For out of darkness light came forth.

We persevere. We endure against all odds. We survive Hell.

The musician Bob Marley said "Light up the darkness."  We take that quote seriously.  The Netherworld to us is not the shadowy place mankind makes it out to be, for it exists all around us, good and bad.  There are many musicians in the world who make music for greed and down right evil purpose.  In hip-hop this is beyond apparent.  We make music because we must.  Whether it's hip-hop - rock - rap -soul - jazz, whatever we create.  Our goal is to entertain.  Our goal is to spread our story.  Even when all seems lost and you are surrounded by darkness you can create light.  You can become more than what society labels you.  Even in the most corrupt industries of the world, you can fight to keep what you love alive.  We are Netherworld Records.  Our symbol is the crow.  Our artists spread our story to entertain and inform.  You have everything you need to change your world.  Fly with us.

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Straight Out the Sarcophagus: Redux Collector's Edition CD Available Now!


 New music available for free! Get "The Witch" by: The Dark Lyricist and "Pardon Me" by: TENGU absolutely free on Crow Central! Send 'em to everyone you know!


Our website will be going through a change and complete redesign soon. A BRAND NEW NETHERWORLDRECORDS.COM is COMING!!




Check out the Dark Lyricist's new music video for the song "SIDES" on YouTube!



New music by TENGU





 New merch on the way! Two new sticker designs will be heading to the online shop!

We are in the process of doing some interesting things, including new music videos and other content!


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